A weekend in North Devon – North Morte Farm

Finally 5pm came around on Friday afternoon and after a quick dash home to pack up the car we were happily on our way to our first camping trip of the Summer (all be it a bit late in the year!).

The camp site we chose to stay at, North Morte Farm, was one we visited last summer which just so happened to be the longest day. It is only an hour up the road from us and is set in a beautiful location which looks out over Rockham Bay. It’s not a huge campsite and you can’t book, it’s a case of rocking up and pitching your tent (subject to space), this is exactly what we did with two of our close friends, with more to follow on the Saturday. After pitching our tents and cooking a hearty meal of meatballs and tagliatelle we sat and watched a perfect sunset, while sipping our beers.


Saturday morning we were woken by bright sunshine beaming through our tents and after making a bacon sarnie and a brew we were soon helping our friends that had arrived pitch there tent and discussing our plans for the day. We had decided to try and walk down to Rockham Bay but it was to no avail, the beach was shut due to a landslide a few years ago, we carried on a little further into the village of Mortehoe. To the right of the church we found a public footpath and carried on to see where we would end up.


It took us up to the grassy headland where we sat and watched a few paddle boarders that were creeping their way around from Woolacombe beach.



Between the six of us we decided to split off, our friends had decided to try and walk to Woolacombe and Dave and I went off to walk back to the campsite via the headland. We all set off on our ways to then get a phone call to say the path to Woolacombe was closed and that there were some steps to a small secluded beach, Dave and I turned around to find the others and investigate the beach. On our way to the beach we came across this huge fungi! I couldn’t resist taking a snap of it, I’d never seen one that size before!


We got to the beach and it was lovely. There were only a handful of us using it and was such a sunny day with hardly a breeze, we could have been in a foreign country for all we knew!People were splashing about in the sea and our friends took their little pup Buck in the sea for the first time. He was quite cautious about the waves but paddled about eventually and then had a well deserved snooze in the sun later on, while the boys set about making a flat stone jenga!



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Eventually we trekked back to the campsite (via the pub for a cheeky pint) and set up our BBQ’s for our evening feast! The sunset that evening was not as good as the night before as it clouded over but it was still a great evening, full of food, beer and laughs.

We are hoping to go back again before the Autumn sets in or perhaps try somewhere new!

If you would like more information on the camp site we stayed at check out their website – www.northmortefarm.co.uk

We have now purchased a new tent which we tested out yesterday and will be taking it on our next camping trip this weekend – Retro Rides Gathering!



I am a Devon girl who loves camping, crafts and all things pretty. I love to write about my discoveries and am always looking for something new to try.

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