Killerton Estate Christmas Walk

Having a couple of weeks off over Christmas meant there was plenty of time to explore the great outdoors. Having lost track of the days and going crazy sitting indoors, eating too much and watching too much rubbish TV, we decided to venture outside, despite the rubbish weather!

A few friends were also going as crazy as we were stuck indoors, so we chose a time to meet and loaded up the car boots with wellies, water proof coats and a couple of pooches (oh and not forgetting Christmas treats to keep us going, any excuse to eat more)!

We decided to head to Killerton as it’s only a short distance from Exeter and somewhere I had never been before. We didn’t take the turning to Killerton house but drove a little further on where there are two cars parks. Both were packed when we got there so we had to wait for a space or risk getting stuck in the mud! After unloading all our wet weather gear, yanking on our wellies (mine were a brand new Christmas Present from Dave, one of my faves!) and attaching leads to the dogs we set off on our trek.


I am not too familiar with Killerton Estate but there are several different walks you can go on, depending on whether you have pets, small children or are just there to enjoy the views there is something for everyone. There are lots of different routes to choose from, so with each trip to the estate I am sure you would find a different route to take, here is a link to all of the different routes available.

I might be wrong as I wasn’t paying too close attention, I was too busy dodging the copious amounts of mud and water and trying not to be tripped up by two energetic pups, but I think we chose to walk the Columbjohn Wood walk which is signposted once in the woods.


Everything is clearly signposted and there are maps around the estate so you can easily find where you are or where you want to get to.


The terrain varies around the estate and we had chosen a particularly muddy time to go so walking boots and wellies are a must (we did see some people that were very unprepared, walking through with brown trainers and mud all up their trousers)! I would say we were all fairly sensible and all managed to get home fairly mud free!


Although you can see why people were so muddy, it was the proper thick, gloopy, brown stuff! Good old winter weather.


We saw some lovely sights along the few miles we walked and I am sure if we went back again and did a different route we would see even more things we missed. I bet the estate looks lovely as the seasons change and I am looking forward to going back and visiting again and taking a different route next time

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If unlike us you don’t want to get wet and covered in mud you could always take a visit to Killerton House itself. They have lots to do an see there throughout the year and have a lovely cafe. Or if you are feeling really energetic they have a 5k Park Run which takes place every Saturday at 9am. I would love to try it but haven’t yet found the enthusiasm to drag myself along, one day… maybe I will add it to my 2016 bucket list!

I am a Devon girl who loves camping, crafts and all things pretty. I love to write about my discoveries and am always looking for something new to try.

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