Wedding Bouquet

A friend of mine is getting married in the next few months (yes another wedding!) and sadly she was let down by her florist. This got me thinking, with no disrespect to florists what so ever, I wonder how hard it is to make a bouquet…

That evening on my way home from work I picked up some florist tape, pins and ribbon from The Range and popped into my local Tesco to see what flowers they had. I was very lucky to find three bunches that complimented each other well, Roses, Lisianthus and Alstroemeria, all in different shades of pinks.


I found a little tutorial online and set to work. First of all I stripped all of the leaves from the stems and picked out two fairly big roses and some alstroemeria, I wrapped these tight with some florist tape (it’s strange stuff, I didn’t think it was sticky, like it was a bit old, but as soon as your start wrapping it round it sticks together very well).


This was now my base and I could start placing other flowers in, basically you just need to keep adding to it and wrapping with florist tape. I kept my stems long as I didn’t know how short I wanted them to be so I cut them as I went and then trimmed them down even more at the end, more of that to come later.

I just used my eye and went with what I thought looked best, I wasn’t going for a perfect bouquet as I quite like the messy garden/country style bouquets, this is also what my friend was after with her wedding bouquet.



After placing all the flowers together and wrapping them in the tape I then trimmed the bottom of the bouquet to make the stems shorter so that I could wrap my ribbon around them. However I soon realised that I hadn’t really started taping the stems high enough as I had to use quite a lot of ribbon and it looked a bit odd (also my pins were too long, hence them poking out a bit in the photo). If I was to make another bouquet, or if you happen to give it a try, I would suggest taping higher up the stems and pulling it quite tight, the flower stems seem quite resilient so don’t be afraid to squeeze them in and then you can use a little less ribbon and it makes for a bit more of a stumpy bouquet.

I was really pleased with the end result, despite it needing a few tweaks and it being my first attempt! I also really enjoyed making it and it didn’t take me that long to do (1hr and 30mins at the most)… and the best part it only cost £9.50!!




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