Blissful Bude – Bude Beach Trip

The bank holiday weekend was upon us and it was time to do some exploring and clear our foggy heads from the busy working week, especially as the weather had made a turn for the better!

We spent the morning/early afternoon at Dave’s sisters as their grand parents were visiting from Southend for the week. Lots of cups of tea were involved and Aunty and Uncle duties were fulfilled, running around the garden like loons and building lego, fun times! We filled our bellies with sausage and bacon sarnies and went on our way once the boys were worn out.

After a quick pit stop back home for some warmer clothes we jumped back into the car and headed on the road to Barnstaple. Our plan was to venture to a beach in North Devon, our happy place, however when we got to the roundabout just outside of Barnstaple we decided to take a left turn and headed to Bude instead. Dave spent a lot of his childhood in Bude on family camping trips and it is somewhere I have wanted to visit for a little while as it holds fond memories for friends too.

It took us a little while to get there (as we went the long way round from our house) but the scenery was beautiful and the sun was sining so it didn’t matter. We soon approached the town of Bude and started our search for somewhere to park, we ended up parking by the canal in the Tourist Information Centre Car Park. We had no clue where we were going or how we got to the beach (it actually turned out we had parked right next to it but it but little did we know). We followed some of the Tourist Information signs into the town and started to walk up the hill, on our way up we saw a sign for Crooklets Beach (a beach in which my lovely friend Laura frequents with her husband) so that’s where we headed. We walked along hand in hand enjoying the sunshine on our faces and crossing over each time we were met with shade. We passed lots of little shops selling buckets and spades and all things beachy and of course many ice cream shops, we stopped at one boasting 24 different flavours of ice cream… how could we resist! The shop was busy with a queue of people streaming out of the little shop door, once we got inside the door we were met with a huge counter of different ice creams, they weren’t lying about how many flavours they had! We were really boring and went with Chocolate and Toffee Fudge, however you could have had Cherry and Custard, Jaffa Cake or apple pie, to name just a few! I actually have an ice cream maker at home… maybe I should give it another go. With ice creams in hand and smiles on our faces we carried on our walk to the beach.


Upon reaching the beach we felt a little ill-equpied in footwear department, the top of beach is quite stoney where as the main beach is sandy and rocky. The tide was at an awkward stage and had made the sand soggy, if you stood for too long in the same spot you would have sunk and had soggy feet. We decided to try a different approach and went over the rocks instead. My husband being the gentleman that he is (sometimes) took my hand and guided me over the spiky surface of the rocks, on our way across we were accosted by a couple of pooches having the time of their lives bounding about the beach.





Eventually we got to the other side of the beach which I believe is called Summerleaze beach and reached an outdoor sea pool. It’s not something I think you see much of and I would have felt very uneasy getting in it, I’m not sure I am a fan of a pool you can’t see the bottom of! That said, there were a few people in wet suits making use of it and a dog having a paddle.



We slowly made our way back towards the car park which turned out to be just at the top of the beach (at least we’ll know for next time). To get back to the car we walked along the canal, if we go back to Bude (which I am sure we will) I would love to walk along he canal, it looked like a lovely place for a stroll and seemed to be quite popular with a few fishermen too and plenty of boats were moored up at the side, very picturesque.




We are hoping to come back for a camping trip in the summer to explore further.
As we left the car park we taped in our postcode to the sat nav and it took us back a much quicker way, meaning it would only take us an hour… who knew that only an hour away from our front door is Cornwall! The route back was absolutely stunning, we turned corners and were met with nothing but straight roads as far as the eye could see, wind swept trees and the moors. We even stopped for Fish and Chips at the chip shop we often visit in North Tawton, what better way to spend a bank holiday Saturday!

I would highly recommend Bude for it’s walks, dog walking and water sports. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

I am a Devon girl who loves camping, crafts and all things pretty. I love to write about my discoveries and am always looking for something new to try.

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