Get out there and cycle!

This year saw me purchasing a shiny (or rather matt grey) new bicycle.
I had a gym membership at the University which I really enjoyed, however it became increasingly busy and I became increasingly frustrated at the lack of equipment free to use at peak times. Rather than waste my money on a membership that I had started to fall out of love with I decided to spend my money elsewhere and invest in a new bike. I went for the Whyte Fairfield in matt grey/black with a bit of pink detailing and was not disappointed, it’s lightweight, step through frame makes it easy to navigate about and an ideal choice for the hilly area I live in. I purchased it from the lovely people at The Bike Shed – I would highly recommend them if you have no clue what you or looking for or even if you do, they provide a fab, highly knowledgable service and nothing was too much trouble, especially when I rocked up near closing time several times!

Most weeks my cousin Rachel and I take our bikes for a spin around the english countryside to burn off some steam. Living in hilly Mid Devon it’s a job to find a ride that is fairly flat, leaving us with no choice but to pedal ourselves around the steep hills surrounding our little village. It has it’s advantages though, the views when you get to the top of the hills are something to be desired and very much appreciated, all the while trying to catch our breath through burning lungs! We are very much rewarded for our hard work.



Cycling is a form of exercise that I am thoroughly enjoying this summer, rather than being copped up in a sweaty, hot gym, I only wish I had more time to do it.
We are fortune enough to live in Devon where cycles paths and routes are fairly accessible; I hope to venture along the Tarka Trail before the Summer is up and also catch the train into Exeter to cycle from St Davids to Exmouth on The Exe Estuary Trail (of course visiting a few watering holes along the way… although I do not condone drinking and cycling ;-)) Also the cycle to Powderham from the Quay is a pretty one too, they have now finished the tarmac track making it a lot more accessible.
I hope you can find time to get out on your bikes with what is left of our summer, I think both Rachel and I find it really helps to clear the mind and there’s nothing like the wind in your hair on a summers eve.



I am a Devon girl who loves camping, crafts and all things pretty. I love to write about my discoveries and am always looking for something new to try.

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