Glorious Grasmere – Lake District

It’s getting to that time of year where the nights start drawing in and there is a little more chill in the air, having not taken a single week off from work so far this year we decided it was good time for a little R&R before winter properly rolls in.
We have been fortunate enough to visit several different countries around the world on our annual holidays but this year we thought we would try something a little different and give a ‘staycation’ a go, visiting some of the places we have been meaning to go to in our own country. This blog post will therefore be written over several posts rather than one mammoth post, I am one for rambling on so don’t want to bore you!!

Walking out of the office with a little spring in our step on Friday afternoon we went home to pack up our bags for a week of exploring. We loaded up the car at an ungodly hour on Sunday morning in order to hit the road before the usual build up of motorway traffic. For the first part of our trip we were headed for the Lake District. I had high hopes for this part of our trip, having done my research and followed lots of Lake District accounts on Instagram I was hopeful of a few rays of sunshine, however for anyone who has been to The Lakes before you will know this is very much wishful thinking!
We arrived in good time and didn’t meet a single traffic jam (well worth the 4am wake up call!), we turned off the Motorway and made our way through the Lake District National Park. As we navigated our way through we ended up passing by Lake Windermere so made our first stop of the day. We found a car park towards the end of the town, put our coins in the park car meter and off we went. Windermere was a nice little town full of lots of little gift shops selling Kendal Mint Cake and quaint little coffee shops, we wandered up the streets to see what it had to offer. After making our way through the tourists we went back down to the lake, there were many people queued up for the different types of boat tours around the lake, we decided against it but I am sure they would have offered some fantastic views



As we made our way back to the car we passed many tourists fascinated by the local swans and geese, they were trying to feed them and got way too close for my liking. We got back to the car and decided to make our way to our hotel to see if they would let us check in early.

The short drive to our hotel was a very picturesque one (that word maybe used a lot in this post, the lake district really is very pretty) we passed another lake which I have forgotten the name of but it was full of families giving water sports a go in the little bit of sunshine that had made an appearance. Eventually we made it to our Hotel; The Daffodil Hotel in Grasmere, situated right next to the lake Grasmere.



We made our way into the beautiful old building which was first built in 1855, it has obviously since had a vast amount changed but it is still very impressive inside. We paid a little extra to have a room with a valley view (well we weren’t going to drive all that way to look at a road!) we were quite impressed with it and glad we paid the extra.



We couldn’t check in early so we made our way back out and decided to go for a wander about Grasmere. It was a short walk down the main road to reach the little village which was bustling with more tourists and a few locals.  After stopping off and looking in a few shop windows we came across a nice little cafe called The Grasmere Tea Rooms where we stopped for lunch. We managed to find a table outside and watched as the hustle and bustle of the lively village went on.


After lunch we carried on through the village in search of the famous Grasmere Gingerbread shop, we soon found it as it was the only shop to have a huge queue out of the door. It was only a tiny little shop but is world famous for it’s gingerbread which was first made in the Victorian era of 1854. It was not quite what I was expecting but was devoured by myself and friends when we got back home. Time soon went by and we made our way back to check into our hotel. We were met by the friendly staff at reception and told we still had to wait a few more minutes but that was fine by us as we made good use of the bar, make mine a Strawberry Daiquiri!29146950704_6ee2c9f4d8_z

With alcohol warming our bellies it was finally time to check in. We collected our key cards and made our way up to the second floor, our room was lovely with a bed so big you could probably fit four in! We unpacked a few things and quickly made our way down to the spa. The spa had only just been renovated in the last week so it was lovely to be able to use the brand new facilities it had to offer. It came with the usual a pool, steam and sauna rooms and then three different type water features to massage your back, or so that was the theory, me being on the shorter side just felt like I got battered by water, however we both left feeling a lot better for it.


We returned to our room with our skin feeling softer and our shoulders a little more relaxed, time to get ready for dinner. There were two rooms you could eat in, the Lounge or the Dining room, we chose to eat in the Dining room the first night. It was a relaxed atmosphere with plenty to choose from on the menu, I went for the Steak and Dave went for Pork Belly, which we both really enjoyed, we had no room for pudding after cocktails and beer. We retired to our room with full bellies and feeling sleepy after our long drive.

The next morning we got up and headed down for yet more food, Breakfast! There was so much to choose from with the traditional fry up and also continental. Once we had eaten a bit of everything and Dave going back for seconds we made our way out for the day, deciding to just get in the car and explore the area. We visited Keswick first which was a little town not far up the road, after Keswick we weren’t sure what to do so got back in the car and just drove for a little while, we had no clue where we were going but that was part of the fun! We visited several little places and found a few lakes and plenty of sheep, the views were amazing despite the weather, Dave said he preferred it with the the low clouds, it made it more mystical I suppose!





We found our way up some steep slopes and narrow roads but eventually made it back to our hotel, just in time for our afternoon tea. We’d booked it as a bit of a treat and wow what a treat it was! It was so much that we couldn’t eat it all and ended up taking it away with us in boxes!


It came with everything you could wish of an afternoon tea and more! We left with sugar whizzing around our blood stream and went to walk it off around Lake Grasmere. The lake was very pretty and almost beach like in some spots, we felt like odd ones out having not packed any walking boots (Dave doesn’t even own a pair) but we managed, just about, in our trainers, we got rained on a little bit but it didn’t dampen our spirits, we were too busy appreciating the view.

Our hotel from across the lake –



29662266342_f74cc60154_z 29146995534_5d7f1e4ec5_z 29738916496_448ba99034_z

We strolled back to our hotel and spent the rest of the evening, relaxing and visiting the spa again. When we got back to our room we decided against going back out for dinner and did something I’ve never done before… ordered room service! What a treat!


We ate pizza, drank wine and watched TV, you might call us boring farts but we loved it 🙂

After another good snooze we woke and went down for breakfast, packed up our bags and made our way on to Scotland. We had a lovely time at the Daffodil Hotel they really couldn’t do enough for you. I would highly recommend staying there if you ever visit the area and don’t forget to book a room with a view and treat yourself to afternoon tea… you won’t regret it I promise!


I am a Devon girl who loves camping, crafts and all things pretty. I love to write about my discoveries and am always looking for something new to try.

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