Fernworthy Reservoir

Living in Mid Devon there are plenty of easily accessible places for us to choose for Sunday walks. This weekend we chose to go and explore Fernworthy Reservoir just outside of Chagford.

I think we may have gone a weird and wonderful way to get there but we managed to navigate our way down the narrow country lanes and arrive in one piece. Once parked up we realised that we needed some change for the car park, we hadn’t thought that far ahead! Between us we managed to scrape together enough for two cars slapped the ticket on dashboard and made our way out of the car park.
We walked out to the right hand side of the car park and made our way along the path towards the huge dam, it is quite an impressive site. We walked down a pathway that took us to the bottom of it to have a better look.





Buck managed to find a stream to swim in and also found a stick, making him one happy woof.
There were two different walks you could choose from, the red walk and the blue (or green we couldn’t decide which colour it was) walk, we chose to walk the blue walk for no other reason than it was the way we were going. We carried along and were hoping to do a loop around the Reservoir. It’s a very picturesque place to visit with plenty of spots to stop for a picnic, had we been a bit more organised! Buck enjoyed chasing the stick we threw for him whilst walking along the stoney shore of the water. The reservoir was a little on the low side but we guessed it was due to the lack of rain we have had?
We carried on around the reservoir and found a meadow to throw the ball for Buck, he was having the best time until it was thrown for the last time, never to be found again, lost in the vast green patch! We distracted Buck and carried on along our way, we got to a point where we weren’t sure which way to go which ended in us stood scratching our heads for a few minutes, in the end we walked up a pathway which did end up taking us around a loop of the reservoir and back to the car park.
It was a really nice walk and one that was fairly easy going. I am sure we will be back one day, but next time with a picnic!
I am a Devon girl who loves camping, crafts and all things pretty. I love to write about my discoveries and am always looking for something new to try.

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