Frolicking in the forest – Deer Park Liskeard

The girls and I have often talked about going away together on a trip that doesn’t include inflatable willies and tacky hen do paraphernalia (that’s all good fun of course but there’s a time and a place for it)!

After a lunch date with one of the girls we decided to have a little search, crunch some numbers and put it out there to the rest of them. We decided on a Forest Holidays location, opting for Deerpark. I had been to the Forest of Dean location earlier in the year with another group of friends so thought it best to mix it up a bit.
It had been the main chat of the group in the weeks leading up to the trip, for some it was their only holiday of the year so a chance to get away from it all.
The weekend soon came round, we agreed a meeting point and time and were soon loaded into the cars and on our way, excited for our long weekend ahead! The drive to Liskeard flew by with lots of excited chatter and we soon found ourselves trying to find a car park so we could stop to get some lunch. We quite quickly discovered that Liskeard didn’t have a huge amount to offer us but as a small town it had everything you needed. We had a little wander about and after popping our heads into a hair salon to ask where they recommend for lunch we settled for Olive & Co. It was a small cafe which was already quite busy but they managed to shuffle a few tables around to accommodate us all. Most of us ordered toasties of some kind which were all very nice and freshly prepared. We left shortly after finishing and went in search of a supermarket to do a big shop before checking in. We found a Morrisons and started the mass shopping mission! We were probably in there for far longer than was needed but we left with a bulging trolley and probably more food than we would ever need or eat, we didn’t care we were on holiday! We managed to ram it all into Bekie’s car and made our way to our final destination of the day!

Deerpark is set on the edge of an ancient millpond, deep within a wooded valley, you can almost feel your worries leaving you as you descend down the winding road into the valley. We quickly located the reception and I ran in to check us in. Our home for the weekend was Number 7, it was little more special than all the other wooden lodges because it was the only one to have a tree house adjoining it. We unloaded some of our bags from the car and tumbled through the door to suss out our new surroundings.





The main lodge consisted of three bedrooms, two with two single beds and one with one double bed, there was then the tree house over the wooden walk way which was absolutely stunning.


We all chose our rooms, unpacked our cases and put the kettle on for a well deserved brew! The rest of the afternoon/early evening went by in a flash. The lodge came with a hot tub out on the decking which was another draw to the location. With some time spent in there it was soon time to get out to prepare our first evening meal. On then menu for Friday was a chilli broth cooked by Zoe and Bekie, it was absolutely delicious and i’m looking forward to cooking it soon. Once we had finished eating and the dishes had been done we grabbed a drink and settled in for an evening of games, it all got a bit heated as it always does but lots of laughs were had too.

The next morning we all slowly rose from our slumbers (after being woken by the honking of geese) in search of breakfast, a couple of the girls went out for a little run before everyone else was up but once they returned we all sat around together. The plan for the day was to go out nearby, Anna and I decided we would prefer to stay where we were and explore the area, so that’s what we did. We waved off the other girls and got ready to go out on a little wander. Deerpark in early autumn/winter is a beautiful colour, the leaves were still dropping and it was also quite muddy but we came prepared with welly boots so we weren’t bothered. We left our lodge and walked up and down various pathways, across bridges and stepping stones and up leafy lanes until our tummies started rumbling telling us it was time for lunch! We acquired a bag of kindling wood on our way back for our little log burner later that evening, cosy toes here we come!

We trudged back to the lodge yanked off our wellies and fired up the grill for a good old bacon sarnie. The rest of the afternoon was spent sat in front of the TV chatting and watching a film whilst I sewed together some Christmas decorations.

The girls came back a little later with tales of their afternoon adventure, we weren’t sure where they were going when they left but they had chosen to spend the afternoon in lovely Looe.
The rest of the afternoon was spent with everyone having a bit of a chill out, some in the hot tub, some on the sofa and some in the kitchen.
Jade had tagged me in a recipe on Facebook for something that looked deadly but also divine… slow cooker hot chocolate! Once we had finished our film I sploshed all the ingredients into the slow cooker, set a timer for two hours and awaited our chocolatey mess! Zoe, Anna and I started a game of scrabble and before we knew it the two hours were up! We all had a great big mug filled to the top with marshmallows and squirty cream, it was a chocolate lovers dream if not a little sickly!

It was fast approaching dinner time for the second evening. Saturday nights chef’s were Jade and Leanne, cooking up a Raclette feast. For those of you who have never experienced Raclette it’s basically a melted cheese-fest! You have the grill plate on the top and then several paddles underneath to melt the cheese. You can put whatever you like on it really, we went for beef, chicken, peppers, onions and mushrooms. We also had new potatoes and a tomato sauce to add to the mix. You cook it all up on the grill and pour the cheese, once it’s melted, all over the top, yum!

The dishes were loaded into the dishwasher and we all sat down for a humorous game of Card Against Humanity. If you haven’t played this game before it’s not for the faint hearted or easily offended! Lots of belly laughs were had at some of the obscene cards played, after we laughed our selves silly we settled back into the sofas and watched a film for the rest of the evening.
Sunday was when everything changed, Leanne and Bekie left early in the morning to get back for various commitments, leaving the 5 of us remaining wondering what to do with our day.
After a slow start and a breakfast of Bacon, Eggs and Toast we decided to take a trip to Polperro. We all jumped in Jade’s car and took a 15 minute or so drive to our destination. On arriving and parking up Polperro seemed like a funny little place, almost like you would have to pay to get in. We walked along concrete pavements admiring the village as we went.

We soon stumbled across our first shop, a cute little sweet shop selling lots of different fudges and confectionary. We couldn’t resist and ended up buying several different sweet treats.

Our next stop was a lovely quaint Christmas shop! It was bursting with lots of twinkly decorations for my Christmas obsessed lot, it was like their version of heaven 🙂
We dragged them away and ended up in another Fudge Shop Roly’s, they have several around Devon and were sampling their Christmas Pudding Fudge which was delicious!

Resisting the urge to buy any more sweet treats (or at least I did) we carried along through the little fishing village. We eventually ended up at the Harbour Side which was very picturesque with boats bobbing up and down, fishing nets in baskets and dogs bounding about the beach. We stopped to admire the view for a little while trying to decide how much further we should walk. We slowly turned around and made our way back up through the village. It was such a pretty little place and full of lots of quirky little features




We wandered back to the car park, jumped in the car and headed back to our retreat. Jade parked up the car and we settled on the sofa with a cup of tea and a rematch of scrabble and films while the fire roared away in the corner. Tonights menu was a good ol’ Sunday Roast cooked by me, Anna and Harriet. We prepped it all well in advance so there wasn’t so much to do, the chicken had been cooking away in the slow cooker all day so that was easy too! It was soon time to sit and eat and we all enjoyed our last evening meal together whilst chatting about the weekends events and future events to come.

Sunday eve was spent playing even more games (it was a weekend made for them) and watching a bit of Strictly and I’m a Celebrity. The evening rolled on and soon we were heading up to bed for the last time that weekend.

Monday we woke up to the task of packing up and clearing up! We were right in that we didn’t need as much food as we thought but divided up between us to take home. We had our last breakfast together to eat up the bacon and eggs. Once we’d fuelled ourselves for the day we packed up Jade’s trusty wagon, waved good bye to our lovely home for the weekend and begrudgingly handed our key back to reception.

I thoroughly enjoyed our trip away and it was just what we all needed. Forest Holidays are fab and have never let me down so I will always recommend them!
We were sad to say goodbye but already planning our next trip. Thanks for a fun weekend Girls xx
I am a Devon girl who loves camping, crafts and all things pretty. I love to write about my discoveries and am always looking for something new to try.

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