Unique Boutique Christmas Market – Exeter Phoenix

You know Christmas is on it’s way when all the Christmas markets start popping up here, there and everywhere! Mum and I have been meaning to give a Christmas market a go for a little while now. We are both quite crafty people and this year I have been particularly busy sewing together lots of felt Christmas decorations, Robins, Gingerbread Men and Puddings. I have been making these for friends and family for a couple of years and thought this year I would have a go at selling them.

With a few bits and pieces put together for our stall we loaded up my brothers van on Saturday morning (he’d kindly offered to give us a lift so we didn’t have to faff about trying to find a parking space in town for the day, thanks Bro) and headed on our way to the Exeter Phoenix Centre just off of Gandy Street. We unloaded our boxes and headed up the stone staircase to set up for our day of craft madness!


We arrived inside to a calm but busy Phoenix centre. After locating our pitch we went in search of a table and started setting up. Mum and I were squeezed in between two lovely ladies – to our right we had Gilly who was a Potter and a stunning one at that, she is a member of Crackpots, a small group of potters from Middevon, you can find some of her work here.


To our left we had another lovely lady Lisa, who makes very pretty things cut from paper, you can find some of her work here. I bought a lovely card from her stall for Christmas.



With our stand soon set up we were in great company for the day. Mum was selling her Pebble Pictures and me my decorations and some hama bead cards.


The doors opened at 10am and it soon started filling up. There was a steady flow of people throughout most of the day which we were very pleased about. It was quite a varied crowd, some older faces and younger faces, all enjoyed what the market had to offer.

When wandered round I was amazed by the talent of some of the other stall holders. These were a couple of my favourites –



We were entertained by different musicians on the stage behind us throughout the day and mince pies and treats were given out to the stall holders.


The day seemed to be at an end before we knew it and people started to slowly dismantle their thoughtfully put together stalls. We thoroughly enjoyed our day at the market and sold several of our pieces making it even better. We enjoyed chatting to all the different people we met throughout the day and felt in very good company with lots of like minded people. I bought several little bits and pieces from a few different stands and am now wishing I picked up a few more bits, it’s not often you see such lovely hand crafted things all together in one place.

This years market was the last of the Unique Boutique Markets and having only done this one I will be sad not to see it again next year. Thanks to Eleanor for all her hard work in putting it together, it really was a great day had by all and will be sorely missed next year.


I am a Devon girl who loves camping, crafts and all things pretty. I love to write about my discoveries and am always looking for something new to try.

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