A tour of Haytor

A little break was needed from all the over indulgence that comes with Christmas. Our good friend Stu was down from Scotland for the festive season so we thought what better way to burn off some of those extra calories than a trip to the moors. We picked up Joe and his dog Buck on our way through to Exeter to meet Stu. Everyone accounted for we left Exeter and headed on the dual carriage way. On arriving at Haytor it seemed like everyone else had the same idea and we struggled to park. We eventually found a space… or rather made a space for ourselves on the end of a row, wrapped ourselves up and made our way across the road to the Tor. 

Buck was keen to lead the way, only running back to us to see if we had his favourite tennis ball out for him yet. We trudged on up to the tor but rather than climb it we bared left away from the growing crowds. We soon came across some of Dartmoor’s native ponies and rather a lot of people trying to take selfies with them, poor buggers!

We went along a little further admiring the view as we went, Dartmoor really is a natural beauty and somewhere I would like to explore more of in the coming months… if I can drag the husband out with me!

As we went along our way the boys found several rocks to climb, while Buck ran backwards and forwards chasing his tennis ball.

When eventually, after we could no longer feel our fingers or toes, the boys got down from the rocks (Dave had wiped out on his bum in the process) and decided we had had enough for the day and headed back to the car. Our next stop was one I was looking forward to very much – Ullacombe Farm shop for lunch!

Ullacombe is on the way back from Haytor, literally mins away, so it would have been rude not to pop in on our way home. We parked up and made our way in enjoying the warmth that greeted us. We managed to find a table for four and browsed the menu for our lunches. Upon ordering we were informed the kitchen had just closed for hot food no…..! We all made different choices and warmed ourselves with tea and coffee. After a short wait our food arrived, satisfying our hunger. Despite not being able to order hot food we still enjoyed our second choices.

Once we devoured every last crumb we decided to call it a day and made our way home. It felt good to get out in some fresh air, after all the excitement that Christmas brings and we’ll be sure to pop back to Ullacombe again soon, remembering to get there before hot food ends next time! It was also nice to catch up with Stu before he left to go back to Scotland.

If you have time this year go and explore the many places Dartmoor has to offer, I am sure you won’t be disappointed and there are always some hidden treasures to be found, like the lovely Ullacombe Farm Shop or maybe even a country pub!

Until next time Stu 🙂

I am a Devon girl who loves camping, crafts and all things pretty. I love to write about my discoveries and am always looking for something new to try.

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