7 mile accidental pub crawl! Copplestone to Crediton

After eating and drinking far too much over the festive period it was time to drag out our walking boots and head outside for some much needed exercise!
Our friends around the corner were looking after our other friends dog so what better excuse than to get out with the hound.
We wrapped up warm, stuffed our pockets with left over Christmas treats and headed out the door, to the misty, slightly drizzly winter weather.

We weren’t quite sure where we were heading but Ash had suggested a local walk, off we went turning right at the bottom of the road and heading up the hill. It was suggested we walk to Sandford to try out their award winning local pub The Lamb Inn, with looks of surprise we agreed to see how we go, Ash helpfully informing us it was ONLY an hour and a half walk… I think it was a trick 😉
With the promise of beer and a pub lunch willing us on, we carried on up the lane, dodging the odd car and tractor as we went. Our first stop was Newbuildings, located just outside of Copplestone, roughly 2 miles up the road. We stopped outside a tiny little Church called Beacon Church which was originally built as the school for the village. Ash couldn’t resist a photo opportunity with Buck and the nativity scene!

We carried on along our way until we came to a sign post, one pointing left to Sandford and the other pointing straight on to Crediton, we made our choice and headed left up the lane to Sandford. The lane seemed to go on for a little while but the views a long the way were lovely.

We threw the ball for Buck up the lane, which soon started descending down the hill into Sandford.
Sandford is a pretty little village located just outside of Crediton. Considering the size of it it boasts two village pubs, we only tried one this time, The Lamb Inn. We walked through the village admiring the beautiful old buildings, villagers Christmas decorations and beautiful door wreaths.

We soon arrived at the pub and pushed open the lovely coloured wooden door, eager to get in out of the cold. The pub was quite small but then extends into a restaurant and even has it’s own cinema upstairs! It had a lovely atmosphere and was full of people leaving us struggling to find a seat. We approached the bar and ordered our drinks, when we asked if we could order food we were informed that the kitchen was at capacity and they weren’t taking any more orders! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed but we understood and ordered a couple of bags of crisps to keep us going. We soon found a table and tucked Buck underneath with a well deserved bowl of water. A couple of drinks later and we had come up with a plan! We were going to keep going on our walk and carry on into Crediton, it’s just under two miles from Sandford so we thought we would just keep going and find somewhere to eat there. We finished up what remained of our drinks wrapped ourselves back up and headed out the door, waving and saying our good byes along the way. The food in the pub looked amazing so we will definitely be back, but perhaps we’ll book next time!

We’ve now learnt after being shouted at by a passing car that there is actually a pathway from Sandford to Crediton, it’s called the Millennium Green & Path which leads from the village into the top of Crediton though a woodland trail. Now we know it will make it a lot easier for next time! It took hardly any time at all to get to Crediton, passing some nice sites along our way, including pigs and a door for tiny people!

Ash and Dave dropped Buck off to Joe and Laura, while Ellen and I headed off to the local Wetherspoons – The General Sir Redvers Buller we found a seat and awaited the boys arrival. We all ordered our food quite swiftly, we were starving after our trek. As it usually does in a Wetherspoons our food arrived in no time and we had soon devoured the lot! We stayed for a drink and then decided we would head on to another pub in the town square – The Three Little Pigs, at this point we had already decided to catch the train home, there was no way we would make it back before it got dark! The Three Little Pigs is a bit of a mad pub (in a good way) it’s full of lots of retro things all over the walls and ceilings and is just a bit crazy. We played a few games of Uno all of which I lost in spectacular fashion. Keeping one eye on the time it was soon time for us to drink up and make our way to the train station. We quick marched through Crediton, took a little short cut and stood on the old fashioned platform waiting for our carriage to take us home.

We thoroughly enjoyed our unexpected and unplanned day, I think days like this are often the best, you can over plan things sometimes and doing things on a whim can often we much more fun. Now we know the way to go I am sure we will do this walk again in the summer. We think we walked over 7 miles in total, I’m sure we burnt off all the extra Christmas chocolate we ate! I hope it’s also given you an idea of some new pubs to try too 🙂





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