Yeofest – Yeoford

What better way to celebrate the end of winter than an annual local Ale festival, Yeofest!
As the name suggests it’s a festival celebrating ale (and a few ciders for us non ale drinkers) and raising money for the local community, which happens once a year – a date that is now firmly stamped on the calendar!
We started off in our village Copplestone and rounded up some thirsty troops. We filled our stomachs with Jacket Spuds before heading off to the train station to make our 4 minute train journey to Yeoford – yes we could walk but that would lessen the time we had for beer drinking and would take us all afternoon, trekking up hills.
We got off at the pretty little station in Yeoford, along with many others that had made the same journey and walked through the village towards Yeoford Village Hall. I believe that Yeofest was originally set up to raise funds for a new village hall, they have now achieved this to the highest of standards and continue to raise money for this cause.

Upon arrival we were met with many jolly faces behind tables set up with row after row of Yeoford branded pint glasses and programmes. Each person attending has to pay £3 for entry which gets you a programme with all of the different ales and ciders on offer and a lovely pint glass. The next stall was the token stall, it was £5 for a strip of 4 half pint tokens which are used to purchase your drink of choice, then crossed out when you’ve ordered.

We entered the hall to find it absolutely chock a block with ale fans. There was a band in the corner, lots of seating and tables and a stand selling lots of different snacks and of course a big row of barrels full of ale and cider

We stood in the hall for a good while catching up with friends and sampling what was on offer. There were over 20 ales to try and 3 different ciders, as the afternoon went on we were all starting to find our favourites and went back for many refills, even drinking the cider dry! A table became free and that’s where we ended up for the rest of the afternoon.

Yeofest is a lovely little local festival, it caters for all ages, there were several people there with their children with games set up for them. We thoroughly enjoyed it and the fact it raises money for a good cause. Everyone is there for the same reason and it’s a very friendly atmosphere even if you aren’t from the village, many laughs were had.
We will be sure to return again next year and look forward to sampling the next batch of ales and cider. It’s well worth the sore head the next day!

Well done and thanks Yeofest, see you next year!



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