Kensington Palace Gardens – The Orangery

Bank Holiday weekend continued…

Mum and I woke on Sunday morning to very sore feet and aching legs, however on the cards today was a trip to Kensington Palace Orangery, for Afternoon Tea – yum! I booked quite late so could only get a table for 11am, our train was at 3pm so thought it would work just right.
We willed our legs out of bed and got ready for the day ahead. We packed up our bags ready to check out later (the joy of Airbnb is that some of them have relaxed check out times which was perfect for us with lots of bags) and made our way to the tube station. Today we were faced with tube line maintenance so had to improvise a little to get to Kensington but we managed with relative ease. We got off at Notting Hill Gate and made our way to Kensington Palace by foot from there, we wandered along and eventually got to Kensington Palace Gardens, we walked along the cobbled road and were amazed by some of the beautiful Embassy properties that lined the street.

We found the entrance to Kensington Gardens and made our way along through the park, we were quite early for our Afternoon Tea so made the most of our surroundings. We walked in the park and sat on the grass next to the Round Pond and watched as people wheeled in little wooden boats to float on the pond. Before we sat watching the world go by we took a little walk around the Princess Diana Memorial Gardens, it was absolutely stunning and smelt divine! It was being replanted at the time we visited but it didn’t seem like there was much more to do. The garden team had created a White Garden to mark twenty years since Diana’s tragic death, it was designed to be viewed from the walkway, with planting being simple, joyful and elegant, it was all that and more!

As soon as you walked in to the garden through a tunnel of greenery you were hit with the smell of the delicate white roses, it was a smell I wished I could have kept forever, so calming and soothing. We had seen some stunning gardens at the Chelsea Flower Show the day before but I felt like this one told a story just as well as all the others we’d seen at the show.

We had to tear ourselves away from the garden as it started approaching 11am. We walked up the path, lined with neatly cut hedges, to the stunning Kensington Palace Orangery. Upon arrival we asked if we could be seated outside as it was such a beautiful day, we were told there wasn’t any space but were happy to sit inside as it was so open anyway… now for the slightly disappointing part! I had booked for us to have Afternoon Tea on an automated system, however upon arriving we were informed that it actually didn’t start until 12pm. We were told that we could wait until then or have something else, we were a little disheartened but decided to go for something else instead, it actually turned out OK! Mum ordered a Ham and Cheese Croissant and I ordered a Hot Waffle with Caramel Apples and Cinnamon Cream and we both had half each… it was absolutely delicious! In hindsight Afternoon Tea would probably have been too much for us and this was just right. The service was good and very efficient. If you are ever in the area I would highly recommend a pit stop here for lunch or breakfast, it was a real treat


Once we had devoured every last crumb we begrudgingly made our way back to our apartment to collect our things and make our way home. We had a lovely time in London and hope to go back again sometime soon

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