A wonderful wedding! Froginwell Vineyard – Woodbury Salterton

Weddings are magical in their own respect, however when it’s a wedding for some of your closest friends it’s even more magical!
This weekend we were delighted to be invited to witness our lovely friends Helena and Gav tie the knot! It has been a date firmly stamped on our calendar for months and soon creapt around.
Once shoes were shined and a sweep of lipstick applied we headed out the door and make our way to the venue.
After going on a dog walk and stopping in the cafe on the way home the bride and groom chose Froginwell Vineyard as the destination to declare their love for one another and what a stunner they chose! It is located on the A3052 road to Sidmouth, past Westpoint, Crealy and Greendale, it’s easy to find and is adjoined with the entrance of the White Horse Inn car park on the right hand side. We parked in the car park and made our way up the gravel driveway to see what the day had in store for us all. We followed the signs around to the back of the building which opened up into a beautiful Vineyard surrounded by East Devon countryside.

We were quite early so sat and admired our surroundings for a little while and chatted with a slightly nervous groom and some of the wedding party. It was soon time for us to take our seats and await the bride!
An air of excitement buzzed throughout the venue as we waited for Helena and her Dad to come down the aisle. I think I had a bit of an idea of the kind of dress she was going to wear but when the curtain was pulled back, and she appeared with her armed looped in her Dad’s, she looked absolutely beautiful! Helena wore a floor length lace, embroidered dress which had an opening at the back and suited her slim frame just perfectly. The service was a lovely personal one with a few readings from family and friends, soon after Gav and Helena were pronounced husband and wife, to a huge round of applause!

After we all shuffled out of our seats and were handed glasses of Pimms or Prosecco we went in search of the bride and groom to congratulate them. They were so very lucky with the weather, having had beautiful weather the weekend before and the beginning of the week, rain was forecast for the day, however we managed to miss most of it meaning we could all mingle outside nibbling on canapes.

It was soon time for us to take our seats, eat and await some highly anticipated speeches. I totally forgot to take a picture of our mains, it’s a shame because it was amazing!  We had platters of different kinds of meat, salads and potatoes. For pudding were a trio of small treats, small but just the right amount, we had lemon cheesecake, a fruity meringue and a little chocolate brownie, it was delicious! All supplied by Dartmoor Kitchen

After a little break in between eating it was time for the speeches! Up first was Helena’s Dad who gave a lovely speech about both Helena and Gav, leaving many with a tear in their eye, second up was Gav who spoke about his beautiful wife and little boy and thanked everyone for coming and then last but no least was Best Man Alex, he had the whole room chuckling and, mostly, only had nice things to say about Gav and his lovely new wife. Once the speeches were over you could see the boys relax and start to let their hair down a little more. Roll on the rest of the day!

After the speeches we all got up and went back outside to enjoy the estate, people mingled on picnic benches and caught up with old friends. The day soon turned into the evening as it does at weddings (i’m sure they are on a different time zone, they always seem to whizz by!) and further guests started to arrive, along with a lovely Volkswagen Camper Photo Booth (which I again stupidly forgot to take a photo of), the DJ was fully set up and although not many people were on the dance floor yet he was having a great time!

Next up was the cake cutting, although this was no ordinary cake, it was a tower of cheeses, which were then cut up for guests to have with biscuits later on in the evening, it was a great idea and the cheese was delicious!

However cheese was not a direct replacement for cake, there were tonnes of cup cakes made by the lovely Katie, which were amazing too and all gluten free, not that you would ever have known, yum, yum!

On to the last part of the celebrations and the P-A-R-T-Y…

The first dance was a lovely one, played out to a Mumford and Son’s song (I can’t remember which one, sorry guys), soon after this everyone was up and dancing. The DJ was brilliant, he wasn’t your average cheesy disco DJ but a guy called Offbeat Entertainments he had most people up and dancing and was a genuinely nice guy! We danced the night away until it was time for something a little special, we were all asked if we could step outside so that we could light some sparklers for the bride and groom. It was such a lovely idea and something we hadn’t done at any other wedding before

After all the sparklers had been extinguished we all went back inside to finish the night off with a lot more dancing, before we knew it the evening was coming to an end and a lot of people were saying their goodbyes. We were one of the last lot to leave and after saying our goodbyes and thank you’s to the new Mr & Mrs, we bundled into the car and made our way home. We all had such a lovely day and hoped it was everything the bride and groom had dreamed of.

Thank you so much for having us Gav & Helena, we had the best day! Last but not least, many, many congratulations to you, you make the perfect couple and Fraser is a lucky boy to have a Mummy ad Daddy like you guys ♥ xx

P.s These have got to be some of most beautiful wedding flowers I’ve seen ♥


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