Wonderful West Bay – Dorset

This year my parents bought themselves a new (nearly new) camper van so they could go exploring in a bit of luxury. When my Mum mentioned they were going to West Bay I jumped at the chance. As some of you may know West Bay is home of the ITV series Broadchurch and somewhere I have wanted to visit for a little while. Mum and Dad had already chosen and booked up a camp site so with a phone call to the site we were all booked in too. We packed up our car the night before and left for our trip after we finished work on the Friday, Dorset is only an hour up the road from us so we were there by 6.30pm. Mum and Dad had chosen to stay at the West Bay Parkdean Holiday park, it was a little different to how we had all expected it to be, a lot of the static caravans were owned and there weren’t many people camping it was more caravans, camper vans and static caravans. The site catered for all ages but we got the feeling it was aimed more at the older generation. Anyway we didn’t let this bother us too much and once we were directed to our pitch began setting up for the weekend.


When we finished pitching up and making our tent a home from home we wandered out of the camp site in search of some fish and chips. We found a place with a queue out of the door and thought they must be a good choice! We had to wait a little while because they were so busy, once we had our chip boxes in hand we walked a short distance down to the seafront. We each sat on a bench and tried our best to keep the seaguls away from our food! They weren’t the best fish and chips but they filled our hungry bellies. We threw away our wrappers and empty cans of fizz and walked along the sea front.



There were a lot of people coming and going, they were setting up for a boat race the next day and all camped along the sea front.


After we had seen enough we strolled back up to the camp site, all the while trying to find Pokemon along they way (yes we are ten years old)! Once back at the camp site we piled back into my parents camper and watched the sun go down.

We woke on Saturday to a mixture of weather, dark black clouds one side and bright blue sky the other side of us. After a sausage sandwich breakfast we packed up a bag and went off to see what West Bay and Bridport had to offer, the night before we had seen a big cliff with the pathway to the top so that was where we were going to start. Before we got to it we found a little emporium full of lots of little nic nacs and different shops, we had a little look round and then carried on our way.

We walked to the beach and climbed the big steep cliff side, it was hard work but so worth it when we got to the top, there was a golf course and fields of wild flowers to the left and the sea to our right.

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We carried on along the pathway, hoping to get to Burton Bradstock beach, the path started to descend so we thought we had reached our destination, however the sign post told us we had only walked a mile and a quarter so we gave up and went down to the beach. We could have been anywhere in the world the weather was so nice.



We sat by the sea and rested our shaky legs from our little trek. We watched the waves lap at the shore, while Dad searched for anything prehistoric in the pebbles we sat on! We got caught out in the weather and decided it was time to apply some sun cream, turns out we had left it too late and were already quite burnt, we got caught out in the sea breeze, we were very cross with ourselves! Ouchy! After we creamed ourselves up we started to make our way back but down the beach this time. It was a pebble beach but they were quite tiny so it was quite hard to keep your footing, as we walked along we passed the cliffs that are famous from the TV Series Broadchurch.



When we got back to West Bay, we sat and ate our lunch and then carried on exploring, stopping for a pint of cool cider in a pub beer garden. In the car park opposite were lots of trucks containing TV filming equipment and rumors of the third series of Broadchurch being filmed. We made our way from here back up to the camp site, passing by an ice cream shop that sold over 30 different flavours of ice cream, we couldn’t walk past without popping in, I went for Banoffee, Dave went for Mint Choc Chip, Mum Berries and Cream and Dad Honeycomb. I didn’t have time to take a picture of them, for fear of them melting so you will just have to take my word for it that they were delicious! We got back to our camp site and went our separate ways for an hour or so. Dave and I purchased a LayBag this week, so we spent some of the afternoon lounging on this!

It was quite funny watching Dave and my Dad trying to inflate it but I think they got the hang of it in the end, the guy in the video definitely makes it look very easy!

After a little lounging we went down to watch the power boats, they were so loud we could hear them from the camp site. We walked down to the beach and saw about five minutes before it finished! It was still good fun to watch, what we saw of it anyway!

We soon got hungry and walked back up the hill to camp, Dave and I cooked up a feat of Sausages with pasta sauce and salad, Mum and Dad joined us with their tea and we sat and played cards until the sun went down.

We had to check out by 10am so we were up nice and early the next day and packed up our little home from home, we said good bye to my parents (they were staying until Monday) and made our way home.

We enjoyed our stay in West Bay, there wasn’t a huge amount to do there which is why we left early Sunday morning, but what it did have to offer was lovely and very picturesque, I am sure we will be back one day!


A weekend in North Devon – North Morte Farm

Finally 5pm came around on Friday afternoon and after a quick dash home to pack up the car we were happily on our way to our first camping trip of the Summer (all be it a bit late in the year!).

The camp site we chose to stay at, North Morte Farm, was one we visited last summer which just so happened to be the longest day. It is only an hour up the road from us and is set in a beautiful location which looks out over Rockham Bay. It’s not a huge campsite and you can’t book, it’s a case of rocking up and pitching your tent (subject to space), this is exactly what we did with two of our close friends, with more to follow on the Saturday. After pitching our tents and cooking a hearty meal of meatballs and tagliatelle we sat and watched a perfect sunset, while sipping our beers.


Saturday morning we were woken by bright sunshine beaming through our tents and after making a bacon sarnie and a brew we were soon helping our friends that had arrived pitch there tent and discussing our plans for the day. We had decided to try and walk down to Rockham Bay but it was to no avail, the beach was shut due to a landslide a few years ago, we carried on a little further into the village of Mortehoe. To the right of the church we found a public footpath and carried on to see where we would end up.


It took us up to the grassy headland where we sat and watched a few paddle boarders that were creeping their way around from Woolacombe beach.



Between the six of us we decided to split off, our friends had decided to try and walk to Woolacombe and Dave and I went off to walk back to the campsite via the headland. We all set off on our ways to then get a phone call to say the path to Woolacombe was closed and that there were some steps to a small secluded beach, Dave and I turned around to find the others and investigate the beach. On our way to the beach we came across this huge fungi! I couldn’t resist taking a snap of it, I’d never seen one that size before!


We got to the beach and it was lovely. There were only a handful of us using it and was such a sunny day with hardly a breeze, we could have been in a foreign country for all we knew!People were splashing about in the sea and our friends took their little pup Buck in the sea for the first time. He was quite cautious about the waves but paddled about eventually and then had a well deserved snooze in the sun later on, while the boys set about making a flat stone jenga!



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Eventually we trekked back to the campsite (via the pub for a cheeky pint) and set up our BBQ’s for our evening feast! The sunset that evening was not as good as the night before as it clouded over but it was still a great evening, full of food, beer and laughs.

We are hoping to go back again before the Autumn sets in or perhaps try somewhere new!

If you would like more information on the camp site we stayed at check out their website –

We have now purchased a new tent which we tested out yesterday and will be taking it on our next camping trip this weekend – Retro Rides Gathering!